The Repair And Maintenance Of An HVAC System

A regular maintenance schedule for your HVAC system will help prevent breakdowns and health issues. This schedule will also help keep your air cleaner and your indoor temperature easier to regulate. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind in knowing you will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Preventing problems and assuring trouble-free operation in your unit will also save you money down the road.

An HVAC unit kept in good working order operates under a higher energy efficiency. On average this will save you ten to forty percent on your bill each month. Running your HVAC at peak performance while reducing your energy bills makes sense. Without regular maintenance your unit becomes clogged. Dust, dirt and general grime all contribute to a poor performance. This causes your unit to work longer and harder in order to create the heating and cooling you need. This will inevitably cause your unit to fail or completely burn out. Either way you are left with an expensive repair or replacement bill. Preventative maintenance is definitely a smarter way to take care of your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance can be a safety issue as well. A gas furnace can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Gas furnaces are common in certain parts of the country. Carbon monoxide is dangerous and can leak into your air if your furnace is not working properly. Risks such as a cracked heat exchanger can be found early and repaired before they become a danger to your family. Preventive maintenance can also increase the life of your unit.

There are many different benefits to a well maintained HVAC system. When the condenser coils are clean, your unit uses less energy and saves you money. A system that is well charged will keep your temperature where you want it to be without overexerting your system. Any warranties you have on your system will stay in effect when your system is maintained on a regular basis. Equipment that is in excellent working order will be quieter when in operation. Small problems with your unit will be detected before they turn into large and expensive problems. Emergency calls for repairs are expensive as are the parts and labor. Regular maintenance means you will have an efficient unit that is not likely to break down.

Once your HVAC unit has broken down you will not be able to heat or cool your home.Depending on the time of year it may take time before you can have it repaired. Sometimes specific parts have to be ordered. While you are waiting for you and your family may be extremely hot or very cold. Either way, you will have to endure the discomfort until your unit can be repaired. In certain climates you may be unable to remain in your home. If your breakdown occurs when temperatures exceed a hundred degrees or are below freezing you may have to pay for a hotel on top of the cost of repairs.