Air Quality In Your Home

The quality of the air inside of your home is listed with The Environmental Protection Agency as one the five highest risks to your health. Indoor air can contain two to five times more pollution than the air outside. Most indoor air contains contaminants such as mold spores, dust, pollen and dust mite debris. When these particles are in small amounts they can cause discomfort. In higher amounts sickness, allergies and asthma may result.

Your HVAC system is a critical part of keeping these particles under control. By controlling the amount of humidity in your home and properly filtering your air your HVAC system can help prevent you from becoming ill. The air filtered into your home from outside actually, helps to keep you and your family healthy. There are four separate ways to maintain the quality of your air.

The first is to neutralize the particulates that are commonly found in indoor air. Having an air cleaner installed just before the HVAC system begins will remove some of the particulates every time the air is pulled into your return air ductwork. The second is to control your levels of humidity. Keeping your humidity at the proper levels in both hot and cold weather will lessen the unhealthy pollutants in your air. When your humidity is too low your body is more susceptible to infections. Any wood in your home can also suffer damage. When your humidity is too high, your air becomes a breeding ground for mildew, dust mites, and mold.

The third preventative is to eliminate these pollutants before they get into your home. Smoking in your home will greatly increase these pollutants as will allowing pets to live in your home. There are treatment systems that can be installed. They use sterilized pathogens with a type of UV treatment that deter contaminants like mildew, viruses, mold and bacteria. The fourth and final option is to actually replace part of your indoor air with fresh air from outside. Simply opening your windows is an easy way to accomplish this. There are also ventilation systems that are energy efficient and will exchange the air inside for the air outside. Fresh air circulating inside of your home acts as an air cleaner and will improve the quality of the air in your home.

The air quality in your home is incredibly important for your health and that of your family. Ensuring the air you breath is clean and free from contaminants will help keep you and you family healthy.