Shawn T. Redd’s Experiences in the Field of Business

Shawn T ReddExperience is the best teacher. Most successful persons always says this famous line where in fact applies to everyone living in this world. Whatever experiences you may have, good or bad, you would always learn from it. Those experiences can serve as your lead in order to strive for more and pursue your dreams in life. That is how Mr. Shawn T. Redd did with all his experiences—be it happy, disappointing, memorable painful and hurtful ones. He turns it as his strength in achieving his dreams in life.

Being the president of the Redd/Lichee Corporation, would not be possible without his experiences in some of the family businesses and organizations he was bound to work on.
From May 1995, up to present, Shawn T. Redd is working as the Director of the Redd/Lichee Corporation. As the Director, he did a job well done managing the business. He always makes sure that the facilities are of the best kind and the services are of the best quality. He is being looked up to by several businesspersons an event he employees in the RLC.

Of course, he cannot do his job without his skills that enables him to work excellently. Here are the following skills that Shawn T. Redd has: Economic Development, management, Customer Service, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Public Speaking, Social Media, Project Management, Microsoft office, Program management, Event Planning, Community Outreach, fundraising, Public relations and more. You might not believe but those skills are what Shawn has. He has acquired those skills as he goes along with his journey toward the success of his businesses.

Shawn T ReddHe also involved himself in some of the volunteer experiences and causes. In 2010, he served as the Small Business community leader at the Redd/Lichee Corporation. This is where the Navajo Nation’s economic Development is a necessity requiring a rapid expansion of the partnership and cooperation between the tribal Government and Corporate America.

The Causes that Shawn Redd cares about are about health, Economic Empowerment, Human Rights, environment and Poverty Alleviation. He supported organizations such as Federal Indian Reservations, The Navajo Nation and the Navajo Small Business. This only means that Shawn T. Redd is not just about earning money and popularity in the business industry but also he is willing to help other people and share his knowledge and skills as a businessperson and as a good individual.

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